Electronic Identification


SwissPlusiD (originally  known as IDentify) was New Zealand’s first 8mm microchip available in the market and represents a new era in biological microchip implantation. SwissPlusiD ticks all the boxes on three key requirements for exceptional quality microchip manufacture:

  •     Quality of raw materials – ferrite rod and Copper wire with precision winding and tension of the antenna wire, to create a reliable and strong signal for the scanner to read.
  •     Patented antennae to microchip bonding process to guarantee reliability of connection
  •     QC procedures ensure each microchip passes rigorous vibration, shock and thermal testing procedures gives consistent performance

Made in Switzerland to exacting internal specifications and ISO standards, SwissPlusiD delivers advancement in antennae design and manufacture to create a smaller chip without compromising readability  with a read range compatible with a standard glass chip and able to be scanned by existing scanners.  No non-functioning issues have been reported since the product has been available in the UK/Europe market over the last five years.

SwissPlusiD microchips – available in both 8 x 1.4mm and 12 x 2.12mm)

  •       >  Uses high quality, sonically polished and low angle bevel needle
  •       >  Final click delivery mechanism to prevent aspiration
  •       >  Easier implantation – puppies/kittens/birds/rabbits/reptiles
  •       >  Less pain on injection for all pets.
  •       >  Lighter than current microchips to minimise migration

You can be assured that SwissPlusiD  will meet all your expectations and standards of reliability and quality, so it is important when choosing a microchip and implanter, to purchase a proven and reliable product manufactured on high quality machinery with top quality raw materials from a proven and reliable manufacturer.

SwissPlusiD 8mm microchips are available in packs of 20 (Syringe Pack) or 30 (Needle Pack with 3 re-useable handles) sterile implanters with 6 bar-codes included (microchip certificate forms available on request).  Visit the SwissPlusiD website by clicking here

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