Welcome to Animal Solutions Ltd.

We specialise in providing New Zealand veterinarians with the  FASTest range of in-clinic test kits, and IDentify mini-chip Electronic Identification Micro-chips.

Animal Solutions Limited commenced trading in April 2011, and is owned and operated by Ian and Julie Denby with a vision to support and provide reliable, and technically superior animal health products for NZ veterinarians.

The FASTest range, manufactured in Austria by MegaCor Diagnostik, provides rapid tests for the detection of bacterial, parasitic, viral, mycotic, tumoral and allergic agents.

IDentify mini-chip Electronic Identification Micro-chips, are manufactured in Switzerland by one of the world’s leading microchip manufacturers and meet ISO standards.  See our separate page for more information.

Animal Solutions also coordinates, arranges and brokers export of New Zealand made products for use by veterinarians in Mongolia who are continually looking for reliable, well-research and produced animal health products, despite being the next-door neighbour to China, one of the world most prolific producers of low priced veterinary products.  Mongolian veterinarians regard NZ-made products as high quality and reliable.


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